FlashR API
name comment
all Are All Values True?
any Are some Values True?
Arithmetic Arithmetic Operators
colSums Form Row and Column Sums and Means
Comparison Relational Operators
cor Correlation, Variance and Covariance (Matrices)
cov.wt Weighted Covariance Matrices
crossprod Matrix Crossproduct
dim Dimensions of an FlashR Object
dimnames Dimnames of an Object
drop Drop Redundant Extent Information
Extract Extract Parts of an object
Extremes Maxima and Minima
fm.agg Aggregation on a FlashR object.
fm.agg.op-class An S4 class to represent an aggregation operator used in aggregation operations in FlashR.
fm.apply Apply Functions Over Array Margins
fm.apply.op-class An S4 class to represent an apply operator on rows/columns in a matrix. This operator is used in ‘fm.apply’.
fm.as.factor FlashR factor vector.
fm.basic.op The basic operators supported by FlashR.
fm.bind Combine FlashR Vectors/Matrices by Rows or Columns
fm.bo-class An S4 class to represent a binary operator used in generalized matrix operations.
fm-class An S4 class to represent a FlashR matrix.
fm.conv.FM2R Convert a FlashR object to a regular R object
fm.conv.layout Convert the data layout of a FlashR matrix.
fm.conv.R2FM Convert a regular R object to a FlashR object.
fm.conv.store Convert the Storage of an Object.
fm.create.agg.op Create an aggregate operator
fm.eigen Eigensolver
fm.get.eles Get a submatrix from a FlashR matrix
fm.get.matrix Load a matrix to FlashR.
fm.groupby Groupby on a FlashR vector.
fm.info The information of a FlashR object
fm.inner.prod Matrix inner product
fm.kmeans KMeans clustering
fm.mapply2 Apply a Function to two FlashR vectors/matrices.
fm.multiply Matrix multiplication
fm.print.mat.info Print the information of a FlashR object
fm.read.obj Read a FlashR object (vector/matrix) from a file.
fm.rep.int Create a FlashR vector with replicated elements.
fm.rnorm The Normal Distribution
fm.rsparse.proj Create a sparse projection matrix.
fm.runif The Uniform Distribution
fm.sapply Apply a Function to a FlashR vector/matrix.
fm.seq Sequence Generation
fm.set.conf Reconfigure FlashR
fm.t Transpose a FlashR matrix.
fm.table Count the number of elements
fmV-class An S4 class to represent a FlashR vector.
fmVFactor-class An S4 class to represent a FlashR factor vector. It inherits from a FlashR vector.
fm.write.obj Write a FlashR object (vector/matrix) to a file
head Return the First or Last part of an Object
ifelse Conditional Element Selection
integer Integer Vectors
is.finite Finite, Infinite and NaN Numbers
length Length of an Object
levels Levels Attributes
log Logarithms and Exponentials
Logic Logical Operators
materialize Materialize virtual FlashR objects.
MathFun Miscellaneous Mathematical Functions
matmult Matrix multiplication
matrix Matrices
mean Arithmetic Mean
NA ‘Not Available’ / Missing Values
names The Names of an Object
nlevels The Number of Levels of a Factor
nrow The Number of Rows/Columns of a matrix.
numeric Numeric Vectors
print Print FlashR objects.
profile Google profiler
range Range of Values
round Rounding of Numbers
scale Scaling and Centering of Matrix
sd Standard Deviation
sum Sum of Vector Elements
summary FlashR Summaries
svd Compute the singular-value decomposition on a large matrix.
sweep Sweep out Array Summaries
transpose Matrix Transpose
typeof The Type of an Object
vector Vector