FlashGraphR API
name comment
fg.betweenness Vertex betweenness centrality.
fg.cc Connected components of a graph
fg.degree Degree of the vertices in a graph
fg.diameter Diameter estimation
fg.exist.graph Indicate whether a graph has been loaded to FlashGraphR
fg.export.graph Export graph image.
fg.get.sparse.matrix Load a sparse matrix to FlashGraphR.
fg.graph.info Graph information
fg.kcore K-core decomposition of a graph.
fg.lcc Get the largest connected component in a graph
fg.list.graph List graphs loaded to FlashGraphR
fg.load.graph Load a graph to FlashGraphR.
fg.local.scan Locality statistic
fg.pagerank PageRank
fg.print.graph Print a graph into a file as an edge list.
fg.set.conf Reconfigure FlashGraphR
fg.subgraph Generate an induced subgraph
fg.transitivity Transitivity of a graph
fg.triangle Triangle counting