Compile FlashX with the Anasazi package

Install Trilinos

To compile FlashX with FlashEigen, users need to install the Anasazi eigensolver in Trilinos first. The Trilinos packages require a Fortran compiler and a BLAS and LAPACK package.

sudo apt-get install gfortran libatlas-dev liblapack-dev

Follow the instructions in Trilinos’ website to compile it. Here summaries the steps:

Inside the top directory of the Trilinos source code, create the following script named do-configure:

cmake \
    -D Trilinos_ENABLE_TESTS=OFF \

Make the script executable. chmod u+x do-configure

Create a directory named build in the top directory and compile the Trilinos source code in the build directory.

mkdir build
cd build/
../do-configure -DTrilinos_ENABLE_Anasazi=ON
make -j32
make install

compile FlashX with FlashEigen

In the top directory of FlashX, run mkdir build; cd build; cmake -D ENABLE_TRILINOS:BOOL=ON ..; make