Configure FlashX

Configure FlashR

FlashR uses the same configuration file as FlashGraph. Both FlashGraph and FlashMatrix provides a default configuration file: flash-graph/conf/run_test.txt and matrix/conf/run_test.txt.

The important parameters that users need to configure for a specific machine are:

  • num_nodes: the number of NUMA nodes that FlashR can run on.
  • threads: the number of threads that FlashR uses.
  • root_conf: the data config file as explained above. In addition, users also need to specify the following parameters for FlashGraph.
  • cache_size: the page cache size in SAFS.
  • num_io_threads: the number of I/O threads per NUMA node.

Users can use the following function to configure FlashR.

> fg.set.conf("flash-graph/conf/run_test.txt")